Top medical blogs


Here I will share some links to blogs owned by web2.0-savvy doctors. You can always find something interesting there.

KevinMD blog – medical weblog, news, reviews, ratings

Clinical Cases and Images by Ves Dimov, a former Cleveland clinic assistant professor

The happy hospitalist – unfiltered hospital medicine blog, musings on life, work, patients and colleagues

Dr John M – “observations, lessons learned and reflections from a cardiac electrophysiologist, cyclist, husband and dad”

Healthy info-snacks by Joshua Schwimmer, a nephrologist from NY. Mainly twitter-format entries, very active guy, lots of links to third-party sites of interest

Academic Life in the Emergency Medicine is a blog by Michelle Lin, MD, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine in California. She shares some of her experiences in teaching and practicing EM. Also noteworthy are the Paucis Verbis (in a few words) pocketcards produced by Michelle every week.

Efficient MD – Life hacks, innovations and best practices for health care, lots of uptodate and relevant links, including medical lifehacks indispensable for effective practice

Notes from Dr. RW — A hospitalist in Northwest Arkansas gives his opinion on clinical topics, the interface between medicine and politics and whatever else grabs his attention.